Random Ramblings and Snippets of News:

April 4: Emerging from mourning. The hours alone with my guitar these last three months have re-centered me. Ready for the season, not a moment too soon: first gig next weekend!

January 29: From sorrow, art flows: timely reading about an Appalachian tradition -- lining homemade coffins with a quilt handsewn from snips from favourite clothing. And so, I wrote my newest song, The Memory Quilt, fresh from a loving laying-to-rest. Now to see if I can work through the tears to performance level.

December 7: Had a great night playing the Fantasy of Lights at Pinafore Park. A gaggle of teens found the tambourine I laid out for anyone with the urge, and barely put it down all evening. Refreshing to be surrounded by such good energy. And who knew John Denver was a baby magnet? Bounces and giggles from all sides.

November 22: Well! What a sweet article... my profile is on news-stands now throughout Elgin. You can read it online here... or cut & paste this link -- http://www.relishelgin.ca/article/article.php?id=171 -- turns out the town's mayor was in the crowd one day at an early-summer gig and raved to the local entertainment reporter when they next met.

November 17: The corn is off the field! I can finally see my sunsets again -- even if they do come sooo early now.

November 11: Thank you to all who laid down their hopes and dreams for us. "Lest We Forget".

October 15: My feature interview from way back in July is slated for release the first week of November. Had a fun chat with the editor of "Relish Elgin" about it this afternoon.

October 10: 10/10/10 -- an auspicious date! Congrats to all who tied the knot this day. I was honoured to spend twilight on a porch in Niagara jamming with a blues legend. Beautiful harmonies. I have so much to learn.

September 4: Twilight Zone moment ... a rain-laden, wind-swept sky opened up into full sun as I stepped on the stage. Cheers the soul -- that and the fact that the crowd cleaned me out of business cards. Now's THAT's a first...

August 28: Strolling across the grass with gear to the stage, a passerby stopped in his tracks and said "Taylor Swift?!" Nope, just me -- but to answer an oft-asked question - yes, that really is my God-given hair. I've had these curls and colour since the day I was born.

August 21: Mother Nature has certainly made herself known this season! More than an inch of rain fell during the two-hours-plus I was onstage tonight. Rows of dripping hats lining the far edge of the crowd, just within the roofline. Three times I wrapped, and three times the protests were so loud I came back for a few more songs. Thank-you!!

August 20: New-to-me Digitech looper introduced into the sound chain. Freedom and versatility. Two thumbs up.

July 19: I chickened out Saturday with thunder rippling in waves across the sky just before I went on - declined to plug in under a metal roof in an open-air venue. Within ten minutes a deluge of rain wiped out the stage and crowd. An hour later when the sun came out, I plugged in and the show went on. :)

July 11: Sooooo hot on the stage last night -- hard to connect with rivers of sweat burning the eyes.

July 4: Learning a few new tunes on the back porch this afternoon. Caught sight of a groundhog nibbling lettuce in my veggie garden. The nerve!

July 2: Got a call from an entertainment reporter who wants to do a feature on me. Invu scheduled next week. Note to self: must find out how where he heard about me.

June 28: A successful engine swap in the motorhome means we'll be able to truly enjoy our sojourns this year, instead of driving with fingers crossed. Balanced and blueprinted -- Woo-hoo! Kudos to Kraushaar Machine Shop for a beautiful rebuild!

June 23: In "Fortress Toronto" today. Walked to the studio past miles of concrete barriers and wire fencing. Police lounging everywhere. Felt like Northern Ireland years ago.

June 19: Blessed with perfect weather for an outdoor venue. Much applause from ducks and donkeys too!

June 6: Tried out a new approach to "Long Black Veil" - went over well. Later, joined in a hootenanny for an old friend moving away. Brought back fond memories of good times in bluegrass.


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