Music by Firelight is the latest step in a lifetime of musical passion.
Lauren's first paying gig was a 2-month run at age seventeen.

Through all the ups and downs since then
she has continued to turn to music.

Her songwriting reflects the highs - a blissful second marriage - the lows - the ex-sister-in-law who took off with her first guitar - the absurdities of a plugged-in world - texting dear hubby when you could be whispering in his ear - and the losses that break all our hearts - the sorrowful passages along Canada's Highway of Heroes.

Lauren uses exclusively her prized Gibson guitars, Genz Benz acoustic amp, & Sennheiser wireless mic in her live shows. Her studio is a 550 sq ft acoustically engineered space designed for comfort, style & great sound.


Acoustic Originals and Covers  
for festivals, fairs, parties, community and corporate events - and yes - even weddings.
Professional studio for jingles or custom recordings, or contact me anytime to book sessions at your studio in SW Ontario.