... a haunting late-night acoustic ride ...
... a swaying-with-your-sweetie dance set covering favourites
such as BTO, Shania & Queen ...
... a fresh take on standards, classics, and modern classics
by artists such as Sting, Jewel & the Beatles ...

Lauren is a classically trained singer/songwriter
who blossomed in the east-coast coffeehouse scene during her teens,
honed her craft in choral and folk groups, bluegrass, country and rock bands,
developed and fronted a country rock band for five years,
and has now bloomed into a solo artist with a vibrant live stage presence.

She is also a commercial recording artist whose voice has been heard on jingles, games, and ads.



Acoustic Originals and Covers  
for festivals, fairs, parties, community and corporate events - and yes - even weddings.
Professional studio for jingles or custom recordings, or contact me anytime to book sessions at your studio in SW Ontario.